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Friday, March 6, 2009

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Diary of a Tired Black Man
Magnolia Home Entertainment // R // February 3, 2009
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Review by David Walker | posted March 1, 2009

The Film:
I liked Diary of a Tired Black Man. In fact, I really liked it a lot. This comes as something of a surprise, because to be perfectly frank and honest, it really didn't look that good to me. And to take that frankness and honesty one step further, the film does have some problems that will likely turn some people off; but that's neither here nor there, because what this film does have is a raw honesty that is as entertaining as it educational as it is uncompromising.

Writer, producer and director Tim Alexander's Diary of a Tired Black Man is an interesting mix of documentary and dramatic reenactment. The project started out as a three-minute short that Alexander posted on the Internet, where it garnered millions of hits and sparked considerable debate. In the short, a group of angry black women are sitting around Tonya's (Paula Lema) living room bashing black men. When Tonya's ex-husband James (Jimmy Jean-Louis) arrives to pick up their daughter, with a white woman in tow, he is on the receiving end of the fury of Tonya and her friends. But rather than fall victim to the verbal lashing the women dish out, James stands up for himself, and puts the women, and especially his ex-wife, back in their place.

With the original short as a springboard, Alexander traveled all over the United States, showed various men and women his film, and then interviewed them on camera about their feelings. Diary of a Tired Black Man consists of those interviews inter-cut with more scenes depicting the relationship between James and Tonya, starting with the beginning, and culminating in the destruction of the marriage. The final film is a compelling, and often no-holds-barred examination of how black men feel about how some black women treat them--and it ain't always pretty. In interview after interview, the men offer well thought out--and often hilarious--explanations about why some black women treat some black men so terrible. Meanwhile, even though some of the women interviewed by Alexander have valid things to say, some are complete idiots.

Diary of a Tired Black Man works for a variety of reasons. First and foremost, it is honest--brutally so at times--but certainly more honest than the vast majority of other depictions of black men in the mass media. This film stands in direct defiance of shows like Jerry Springer or Maury Povitch, which choose to represent the worst of black masculinity. But the film also works as a refreshing break from the hackneyed films of Tyler Perry, whose faith-based minstrel/drag shows are favored by many of the same women who need to watch this movie.

Alexander's film is at its best when he is interviewing real people on the street. His staged scenes are okay, and he deserves credit for creating something with almost nothing, but at the end of the day, those scenes are not compelling enough to carry the film. And to his credit, if Alexander had simply made a conventional film, he would have likely made something that had no real bite to it. But as it stands, Diary of a Tired Black Man goes for the jugular (in a loving way designed to spark conversation and promote emotional growth).

Diary of a Tired Black Man will not be for everyone, that's for sure. But if you have ever endured bad relationships, or multiple bad relationships, then it is a film well worth watching, as it raises some very valid points. And what is also very important to realize is that while the film specifically deals with black people, its overall subject matter is universally human.

Diary of a Tired Black Man is presented in 1.78:1 widescreen. The movie was shot on consumer grade digital video, but it looks far better than one would expect. And while the picture quality is not great, it is good, and the quality remains consistent.

Diary of a Tired Black Man is presented in English 2.0 Dolby Digital. The sound quality is good, especially considering that most of the interviews were shot outdoors. The sound is clear, audio levels are good, and the overall mix is clean.

Bonus Material:
Writer/producer/director Tim Alexander provides one of the best commentaries I have heard in a long time. Not only does he offer insight into the production of the film, he also elaborates on his personal feelings about the subject matter. His tone is very casual and matter of fact, often funny, and though the film itself is not the sort that might make you want to listen to the commentary right away, it is well worth checking out. Alexander has also included a reel of extended interview footage (73 min.) that is almost as compelling as the film itself. Finally, there is a profanity-free version of the film, but I didn't watch it, because I don't give a shit about things like that.

Final Thoughts:
I was genuinely surprised by how much I enjoyed Diary of a Tired Black Man, and it is definitely one of nicest surprises I've had in a long time. It definitely is not a film for everyone, and it's up to you to determine if this subject matter interests you; but if you do watch it, make sure you take the time to also listen to Tim Alexander’s audio commentary and watch the extended interview footage. But as far as recommending it, I'd be hard pressed to sing the film's praises anymore than I am.

4 of 5 Stars - Highly Recommended

David Walker is the creator of BadAzz MoFo, a nationally published film critic.



  1. check out my responce to your movie on my blog. i appreciate your effort to improve our families, but your movie is so misogynistic it is unfortunately more hurtful than helpful. i am a happy well-adjusted black woman from a two parent household:)i encourage you to dig deeper and find the true root of our community's problems as opposed to using women as a scapegoat. No wonder we are angry, you are provoking us with hatred!


  2. She wrote this:


    I saw a disturbing independent film called “Diary of a Tired Black Man.” I don’t even know where to begin to explain all the reasons why it pissed me off. That being said I think that the movie did a good job in sparking relationship debates in the black community and discussing relevant and pressing issues that need to be addressed.

    Yet it approached these issues in such a misogynistic manner I wonder if it will do more harm than good. The director/writer, Tim Alexander blames black women for harboring anger towards black men. He coins the term “Angry Black Woman Syndrome.” I didn’t consider myself an angry black woman until I heard his ignorant diagnosis, and then, yes, I became VERY angry.

    Alexander basically says that relationship issues in the black community stem from black women causing too much “drama” and inflicting unnecessary pain on black men. This all comes from a lack of a father figure and the anger is unfairly released onto any and every black male in the woman’s life, including her children.

    Given my experience this couldn’t be further from the truth. There are countless black women who support their entire families and single black mothers who do a phenomenal job raising their kids on their own. I think that this director is in fact suffering from “Angry Black Man Syndrome” and is hypocritically projecting his frustration towards certain women on an entire race and sex. He has a bitter tirade of men that spout off about how “black women always…” They blame issues that clearly transcend race and gender, and have more to do with environment, culture and upbringing, onto black women. It is hurtful and shameful.

    Clearly there is no shortage of people that spread hateful propaganda about the African-American race. Black people really do have a responsibility to support one another and uphold and uplift our community. If there is a pressing problem we should objectively outline its root and develop systematic resolutions as opposed to blaming one another in hopes of motivating people to change.

    This movie is truly a disgrace.


    "Black people really do have a responsibility to support one another" - but yet she can't support me.

  3. Good day Mr. Alexander. First let me say that this was ain interesting movie. I was encouraged by my male friend and his wife to look at this. Being a "Strong Black Caribbean Woman" myself, I love the fact that I am independant and am taking care of myself. While I must say that there are quite a few black women, also in the Caribbean that simply do not pull their weight in the love and support department, there are far more men that make it their business to play around the field and see how many "corns they can put in their baskets". I must also say that there is a misconception of what makes a good woman. I notice that men tend to look at the skinny, glamorous, sexy women not paying attention to the fact that they ARE high maintenance and then leave the women who will make excellent mother and supportive wives because they don't get their "hair dun" or they don't fit in a size 8 and can be paraded like a barbie doll to their friends. Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying that women should just let themselves go before or after marriage but before a thick woman can get noticed for who she is, she is noticed because she is thick and a good screw...

    On another note, as a black Caribbean woman, I will not just sit down and sell myself cheap either. I'm not going to put out after a first, second, third or fourth date. If that is being tough and Bitchy then call me Queen Bitch. If a man really wants something, he will look over all physical issues and work with a sister.

    I can go on and on and on, however I think that while there are women who do take advantage of men, not all women take advantage of me. I think that instead of creating a picture of women being gold diggers, or stuck up or rude, there should be a balance in the story. I can appreciate that one aspect was looked at, but with any movie that i see no matter if the woman or man is favoured, I think that it should come with the challenges and the solutions to those challenges.

    There is already so much hate and so much confusion, so much tiredness... Can we all just get some love?

    Thanks you

    Patient Black Caribbean Woman

  4. First of all, KILL the site counter!

    Supposedly close to 3 million have visited your site, however, less than 50 comments. I just listened to WVON's broadcast where you promoted your movie. Normally, I cannot stomach the host of this time slot but I listened for the entire broadcast in spite of that assuming that I could hear some reasoned dialog. It still proved to be a waste of time. There was no dialog; just two little itty-bitty mentalities wanting to make others the scapegoat of their insecurities.

    I am normally opposed to boot-leggers because it undermines talented people from receiving their just desserts BUT from what I heard in this broadcast (7-17-09) your movie does not warrant even boot-leg prices. Nobody should have to be responsible for another's happiness; that is an inside job. You attract what you are. Do a little more research. Your itty-bitty experience is not the barometer for any group of people. You don't back it up with anything other than YOUR own anger. Yes, you are tired, there is no mistaking that. After you research this with the intent of creating a healthy dialog, come back and maybe the rift can be mended. Your experience (that sounds more like that of a teenager) don't count.

    Bottom Line: I would not waste money or time on even a boot-leg version based on what I heard on WVON tonight.

  5. First of all Mz. Not So Bright - this is not my main site- my main site is:

    www.tiredblackman.com/ (Copy it and paste it!)

    This is a supplemental blog page for reviews - Both good and bad.

    The main site has almost 63,000 posts in it's forum - and here is the address to that:

    www.tiredblackman.com/forums/ (Copy it and paste it!)

    Do your research.

    While you say my film is "not the barometer for any group of people" - just read the reviews in this same blog - lots like in, the reviews are in.

    And even though you won't waste your time on the movie, you did waste your time listening and coming here to post about it.

    Have a nice day knowing you are exactly the woman I am talking about.

    Peace, and get some help with your ABS - you have a really bad case.

  6. I loved it.Not only to really shed light on the real dynamics of social issues,he had the courage to put it in our faces. It is a harsh reality despite our own personal upbringings(the ones who are even had a conscious enough to make a blog)to see our people in such a dysfunctional array.I feel you you(The Filmaker)!How many peole do we know who are like that? And how many people do we know (like that) we don't want to associate with or have our families affected by their realiztion,of their fundemental practices of family and domestic issues to the point we become anti -social?REALITY!!!!regardless to how you feel.Seperate the message from the messsenger.He didn't make this shit up! BE A REALIST ALSO!!...and admire the creation and the courage to expose a main ingredient of why our children and soon too be parents aren't motivated to do whats natural in accordance to what is righteous...and they are our future!
    What are the nay sayers doing to help the demise of not only our black people but hummanity in whole to change our human social eqality? (Question:What is the root in the black community that all this stems from?= PROBLEM
    Answer:We need to know,who,what and why we are...KNOWLEDGE OF SELF....Know thy self. And maybe we can come to some resolution with a degree of methology(natural methology) to our cause.I look forward to a forum....practice what you preach!

  7. hit me at m.fauntleroy@hotmail.com....for serious dialouge

  8. I am a young african american female who has grown up in a single mother home and was raised by majority women. Now after watching this film (which was very insightful, real, and good) all I can say is that the thoughts that were expressed about black females are true. Now it is up to us as indiviual black women to decide for our self what we want and who we are in order for us to have any type of relationship with any man. Also we must be strong enough to think for ones self and understand that all good and bad in any relationship is a two way street. So until all women are able to understand that, we are looking to fail in any relationship we try to have and the cycle will continue in the black community.

  9. Hello Tim. I was checking my blog and saw your comment. I did remove the ending. I apologize for that. Thank you for reading my review. As I said before, the movie was wonderful and I definitely recommend it to all, men and women.


  10. Mr. Alexander, I am a little late viewing Dairy of a MAd Balck Man, but I must say, I truely enjoyed it! I currently working on a book, on relationships between men and women and I purchased the video as a part of my resaerch for my book, and just fell head over, face first in love with it. Keep up the great work, and may GOD continuely bless.
    Camelia Taylor AKA Deon.

  11. Good job to you Tim, this film was very interesting and real above all. Hope to see more films like that from you.
    thank you!!!

    Leevan Tiero

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